Are you interested in cooperation with BKIS?
Take advantage of our simple Open Call system!

What is Open Call BKIS?

Open Call is an electronic system for receiving and evaluating requests for support and cooperation, through which BKIS enters cooperation with actors in the field of culture and public life in Bratislava. Organizers who are interested in support or cooperation with BKIS in the form of necessary service, technical and material equipment, or effective communication can submit their requests using one of the forms.

 Why Open Call?

BKIS, as a public budget organization established by the Capital city of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, established the Open Call system with the aim of transparent selection and ensuring equal opportunities for applicants for support and cooperation with BKIS, as well as for the purpose of effective planning of BKIS capacities.

The priority of BKIS is the support of civic activities and communities in Bratislava, the creation of better conditions for increasing the accessibility of culture in the city, decentralization, and the development of public spaces.

At the same time, BKIS also organizationally supports cultural events of the city, city districts and city and other public institutions organized in the city.

BKIS, in cooperation with the Capital city of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, organizes city-wide festivals such as Bratislava City Days, Bratislava Cultural Summer, Bratislava Christmas and others. Through the Open Call, the artistic public has the opportunity to become part of the program of these festivals.